Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Choose the Right Niche or Topic for Your Blog

When you are in a thought of starting a new blog, you will face a question – “what to write about?” In general, many bloggers get struggled over deciding the topic (niche) of their blogs. So I am providing a guide to select the right topic and to analyze the factors that influencing the success rate of blogging. You should remember that measure of your success will depend on your niche and its organization. Finding a right Niche is the important and difficult task for bloggers that reflects on future steps.

Tips to select the right niche or topic for the blog:
1. Make a list of your interests that you are passionate about. List should contain the topics which suit you best. Then only you can put your potential to build up your blog.
2. Shrink out the list by analyzing the search volume at Google trends. Make some searches on Google trends for different terms involving your niche and compare them. Check whether the topic you have chosen has been growing or shrinking.
Google trends model search
Google Trends: explores a portion of Google web searches to figure how many searches have been done for the entered keyword, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. A graph will be shown According to entered key term. Go to Google Trends Here.
3. “Competition” - Always keep it in your mind. Niche with high popularity will give you great challenge to compete on search engines to rank well. In this case you need to work hard to rectify the previously posted methods by pointing gaps and advanced methods, matters whatever it is. It is only the way to sustain the competition and you should be hot otherwise it can ruin you totally. For less popular topics competition will be less. So we can easily acquire top position for that niche. Being at the top of search result, you can turn good traffic. So it is better to select unique niche for better result.

4. If you are interested in making the blog monetize. Then you will need to estimate CPC (cost per click) and competition of ads using Adwords keyword tool, which are based on Google Adsnese statistics. Also make sample searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing and observe the density of advertisements shown in the search result. More ad density gives more profit.Do you find my data helpful? Add a comment as your feedback.


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  2. Good Idea to use the Google Trends for identifying niche..I am accepted 100%

  3. The tricks to play with keywords is the key. Trends change fast so one has to be very clever with seo techniques. I think its better to first jump into a niche market which is already establish to learn and experiment. Nice article.

  4. That's interesting to know about the tactics in choosing right topic..Thanks for sharing in this topic that is really useful one..I am sure that everyone business people should know about this strategy..

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