Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easy ways to promote your Blog post in Effective Manner

Blog promotion and backlinks
Writing a post is an easy task for bloggers, when compared to making it popular. In general, many bloggers will just publish their articles but they won’t promote. Actually promotion techniques plays important role in the production of pillar posts. Pillar posts are the posts, which drives huge traffic and are attractive for readers. The main aim of this post is to increase volume of visitor, backlinks and to improve pagerank at search engines.

Various methods for promoting your post:
  1. Submit your articles to Top ranked Social Bookmarking Websites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Slashdot and Technorati.
  2. Share your post links in Top Social Networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.
  3. Submit your URL to Top Blog Directories.
  4. Approach other bloggers who have same niche and comment on their posts providing your post URL with proper anchor text. Your comments should be relevant and useful for other visitors. Avoid spam links.
  5. Actively participate in forum discussions related to your blog topics, leave helpful comments, discuss hot topics in your niche and suggest your links there.
  6. Make use of free webmaster tools of GoogleYahoo and MSN.
  7. You can also promote your blog in offline mode by telling to your friends and neighbors.
Note that promoting every individual post results better than promoting home page URL.
Avoid attempting to promote each and every post; go for big and interesting posts only.


  1. Does this guarantee you will always show up on everyone’s wall, and everyone will read your posts and execute your ‘Call to Action’? No! But it does give you the best chances to reach as many of your fans as possible.

  2. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.


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