Monday, January 4, 2010

Improve Your Blog Visibility on Yahoo Search - Site Explorer

Yahoo! - Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo Search Engine.  It also improves your pages Visibility on yahoo search results.  It will give an idea about the most popular pages from your site.  By submitting a Site Map or feed URL, You can find pages that link to your site and out linked from your Site.  It is Similar to Google Webmaster Tools

Add a Site or Blog to Yahoo! - Site Explorer:

1. Sign in to Yahoo! using your existing Yahoo! ID details or Sign up for new account.
2. Now open Yahoo! - Site Explorer   and enter your Site or Blog URL in appeared box. Then click Add My Site.
yahoo site explorer guide
3. You have to authenticate your site.  For this,    you go for 2nd procedure   By adding a META tag to my home page.  Copy the Meta tag and add a backslash ' / ' before  ' > '.   Don't close this page.   Have a look on Screen shot.
Yahoo meta guide
Don't forget to add slash, Otherwise it shows XML error.
Example Tag:  <META name="y_key" content="ebc9d2f7530798e8"/>
4. Now open Blogger Dashboard in your blogger account --->> Next click your blog Design  option --->> then click  Edit HTML.
5.  Find <head> tag and Paste Meta Tag just below it.  Click Save Template.
6. Now come to Yahoo! - Site Explorer and click Ready to Authenticate.

Add a Site feed or Site map to Yahoo! - Site Explorer:

7. In Yahoo! - Site Explorer, open Feeds under your site and enter your feed URL path as rss.xml. For better understanding, see screen-shot guide. Now click on Add Feed
8. You have done it. Effects don't appear in one day. It takes several days to get good results.

Note: Yahoo - Site Explorer was permanently merged with Bing webmaster tools.