Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tips to Secure your Gmail account From Hackers

This time, we are gonna discuss Gmail protection and its measures. As days are passing, Victims are increasing but intelligence levels are decreasing to crack a Gmail account. Everyone feels that – “I have strong alphanumeric password. No one will get into my Account”. But single layer protection can’t guarantee the security of your Gmail. Key loggers, phishing attacks, port scanners, cookie Loggers, password cracking software and many more – these are some popular hacking tactics. Moreover,ready made tools are making it worse.

How to stop your Gmail account being hacked?
Turn on 2-step verification on your Google account. It will enforce you to enter the verification code that sent via text or voice call to your phone upon every successful log in. As we are using a combination code (dynamically generated) in addition to your username and password, it adds an extra layer of security to your account and reduces the chances of getting hacked. Generally, we observe this kind of two layer protection in Net banking and online trading portals. Click here and follow the instructions to set up 2-step verification.
Gmail 2-step verification

2-step verification can only keep your account safe from password cracking tactics but not from Cookie theft and session hijacking. Here Attacker will steel your cookies and installs on his browser to get access to your account without username and password. To avoid this, you have to click "Sign out”, whenever you are done using your Gmail. Also clear private data from your browser after every use. Sometimes, you forget clicking “sign out” then click on “last account activity” at the bottom of the page and there you will be provided a button to sign out all sessions.

Some tips to keep your account safe and secure:
  • You have to ensure the SSL Certificate and URL as  HTTPS  before every log in. This will save you from fake login pages.
  • Google SSL certificate
  • Do not enter login or other sensitive information in any pop up window.
  • Add your mobile number to Google account; it will allow you to SMS-based account recovery.
  • Keep an eye on your forwarding and delegation settings in your account. Not to worry; you will be warned with a banner message whenever your settings are changed.
  • Regularly check your login activity record at the bottom of the page.
  • Never reveal your password to anyone. Keep it confidential.
  • Latest browser versions and operating system updates are recommended.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cheap Auto Insurance in your Location

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

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