Thursday, June 14, 2012

Go and Get your Gear for Trees

If you’re have any interest in arboriculture, or working with trees, than you know that there can be a lot of different tasks involved, including tree inspection, tree pruning, tree removal, stump clearance, mulching, deep root fertilization, etc. Each job will have its special requirements like tools and safety equipment.

There are lots of tree tool providers out there – I usually use SherrillTree because they’ve been around for a while and they have a 150% price match guarantee, in case you find someone who sells a product for cheaper. Primarily they provide arboricultural products to the tree care profession. Wood cutting tools, log and leaf moving equipment, ladders, chainsaw accessories, chipper, and stumper parts are mostly used in tree works. SherrillTree also connects often with other tree-climbing enthusiasts including educators, scientists and recreational climbers. It provides rope and other required stuff for tree climbers.

If you are tree climber or an arborist primarily need to wear safety clothing and arborwear Apparel. You can choose your arborwear Apparel in SherrillTree at reasonable price and best in quality. They also have Ropes, Rope Bags, Safety Saddles and Harnesses, Tree Spikes and Tree Climbing Spurs, Throw Lines and Weights, Connectors, Pulleys, Ascenders and Descenders

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Improve Website Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google Web Search is a good source for getting tons of visitors. It uses page ranking system to index the search result.  In indexing, page rank plays key role in determining which pages appear first in search results.  A page with a higher Page rank is deemed more important in search results and is more likely to be listed above a page with a lower Page rank. Above lines conclude that - " In order to get traffic from Google, We have to improve our website Google page rank."

Now improvement plan comes here. Your website should be content rich and updated on regular basis. Also, try to follow quality content guidelines. Once you are ready with good website, go for promoting website to Google search. This can be easily done by adding your website to Google Webmaster tools. It acts like a catalog to boost up your ranking. Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages visibility on Google. Now, I am going to demonstrate adding blog and its site map to webmaster central.

Adding a Blog to Google Webmaster Tools:
01. Open google webmaster and Sign in to Webmaster Tools using your blogger User name and password (or) Google account details.
02.Click on Add site option and enter your blog URL. Then click on continue.
Webmaster guide
03.Now you have to Verify your Ownership. Here go for Alternate methods and select HTML tag. To complete verification, copy the Meta tag appeared on the page. Observe the example on screen shot for clarity.
Don't close this window until completion of all steps.
04. Log in to your Blogger account and click on your blog. Now open Template Option on left side, then click Edit HTML and later Proceed in next page.
05. Identify the <head> tag in your blog HTML. By searching (press ctrl + f), you can find that tag easily.
Adding Meta tag to HTML
06. Now paste copied Meta tag just below the <head> tag. Then click Save Template.
07. Now click on the verify in webmaster site. Your ownership verified.

Adding a Site Map to Google Webmaster:
01. In webmaster home, click on your verified blog. Now expand Optimization tab in dashboard and click on Sitemaps.
Adding sitemap to Webmaster
02. Now click on Add/Test Sitemap. Enter following colored line in appeared pop up box as sitemap path (or) your sitemap path under your domain. Then click Submit Sitemap.


03. If your blog has more than 100 posts. Add one more sitemap by changing start-index from 1 to 101. Similarly for ever 100 more posts, you have to add new sitemap with start-index followed by 201, 301,401 and so on. You have added your blog and blog site-map successfully. For any Information, Help or Guide, Add your comment.

You can also add your blog content and sitemap to:

Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Choose the Right Niche or Topic for Your Blog

When you are in a thought of starting a new blog, you will face a question – “what to write about?” In general, many bloggers get struggled over deciding the topic (niche) of their blogs. So I am providing a guide to select the right topic and to analyze the factors that influencing the success rate of blogging. You should remember that measure of your success will depend on your niche and its organization. Finding a right Niche is the important and difficult task for bloggers that reflects on future steps.

Tips to select the right niche or topic for the blog:
1. Make a list of your interests that you are passionate about. List should contain the topics which suit you best. Then only you can put your potential to build up your blog.
2. Shrink out the list by analyzing the search volume at Google trends. Make some searches on Google trends for different terms involving your niche and compare them. Check whether the topic you have chosen has been growing or shrinking.
Google trends model search
Google Trends: explores a portion of Google web searches to figure how many searches have been done for the entered keyword, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. A graph will be shown According to entered key term. Go to Google Trends Here.
3. “Competition” - Always keep it in your mind. Niche with high popularity will give you great challenge to compete on search engines to rank well. In this case you need to work hard to rectify the previously posted methods by pointing gaps and advanced methods, matters whatever it is. It is only the way to sustain the competition and you should be hot otherwise it can ruin you totally. For less popular topics competition will be less. So we can easily acquire top position for that niche. Being at the top of search result, you can turn good traffic. So it is better to select unique niche for better result.

4. If you are interested in making the blog monetize. Then you will need to estimate CPC (cost per click) and competition of ads using Adwords keyword tool, which are based on Google Adsnese statistics. Also make sample searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing and observe the density of advertisements shown in the search result. More ad density gives more profit.Do you find my data helpful? Add a comment as your feedback.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Get Google Adsense Approval without having a website URL

Google Adsense
Are you applied for Google adsense?  But you are failed to approve. Here are some usual responses from the Google Adsense Team. They are like: 1.Your site does not comply with the Google webmaster quality guidelines. 2. Your site is under construction. 3. Your site doesn’t have enough pages. 4. You site doesn’t have enough traffic. These things are making newbie to feel difficult to get adsense account approval.

Why has it become difficult?

Adsense has huge demand over ad networking sites. Already there are millions of publishers using adsense. So many people are making fraud clicks using proxy software and by clicks exchange activities. Due to this invalid clicks activity, Google made some standards to approve websites.

Even though, you can get adsense approval. It is possible from adsense revenue sharing websites. One of them is Flixya. It is quick, easy, associated with Google and offers 100% revenue share for users.

Simple steps that can make you approval at Google:
  1. Sign up for
  2. Complete registration and provide your information.
  3. Now publish (post) content on Flixya. Make minimum of 10 posts or more. Content should be unique, original and write it yourself. You should remember “content is the king”. You can also upload images and videos. Make sure that every block should be tagged like strong. I think it is not a big deal.
  4. Now monetize tab will be activated and request a Google adsense Id for your e-mail.
  5. A confirmation mail will hit your inbox within a day and there after you will be promoted for adsense sign up page without website (URL) option. Before this you should have Google account under your e-mail Id. Fill the form with relevant data and submit application.
I think it is the best way to get an adsense account. There are similar adsense revenue sharing websites,which give easy sign up: Indyarocks and Hubpages. You can also get Adsense approval from the YouTube Partner Program.

Guest Posting is open in BlogRitz

If you are interested in writing the content, we will happily welcome you. Your post niche needs to be close to my blog. we will provide credit link to your page with appropriate anchor text. This earns you back-links and improves your page rank.

Why would you post here?
  • This blog has Google page rank 2.
  • Getting 5000 hits per month.
  • Good Alexa Page Rank.
  • We prefer content rather than keyword stuffing.
  • User friendly blog.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easy ways to promote your Blog post in Effective Manner

Blog promotion and backlinks
Writing a post is an easy task for bloggers, when compared to making it popular. In general, many bloggers will just publish their articles but they won’t promote. Actually promotion techniques plays important role in the production of pillar posts. Pillar posts are the posts, which drives huge traffic and are attractive for readers. The main aim of this post is to increase volume of visitor, backlinks and to improve pagerank at search engines.

Various methods for promoting your post:
  1. Submit your articles to Top ranked Social Bookmarking Websites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Slashdot and Technorati.
  2. Share your post links in Top Social Networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.
  3. Submit your URL to Top Blog Directories.
  4. Approach other bloggers who have same niche and comment on their posts providing your post URL with proper anchor text. Your comments should be relevant and useful for other visitors. Avoid spam links.
  5. Actively participate in forum discussions related to your blog topics, leave helpful comments, discuss hot topics in your niche and suggest your links there.
  6. Make use of free webmaster tools of GoogleYahoo and MSN.
  7. You can also promote your blog in offline mode by telling to your friends and neighbors.
Note that promoting every individual post results better than promoting home page URL.
Avoid attempting to promote each and every post; go for big and interesting posts only.

Metro Sign Communications a Promotion Catalog in NYC

Metro sign communications
Sample work by Metro Sign Communications
Every business needs promotion in either online or offline mode. But communication is the important aspect of promotion. Banners having text, logo and other stuff, helps a lot in approaching prospective customers. Especially, it vastly needed in New York businesses as they need to stand out if they want to bring in customers. Even though we adopt advertising, we are not sure about customer love towards our brand. First impression is the best impression – same suits here. So we need to employ expert ventures to draw things like logos, promotional content etc.

Luckily, we have Metro Sign Communications. It provides best services in 3-D Lettering, Storefront Signs, Truck Lettering, Engraving, Flags, Banners, Awnings and Gold leaf Signs. They have 20 years experience in quality sign making in New York and the surrounding areas. Their area of expertise is to draw an attractive, eye-catching, and persuasive sign. Also offers Contact us to order custom signs and banners to turn huge customers. It if also famous for custom awnings in NYC.

Since two decades, it has been helping retailers with their marketing efforts by creating memorable, intriguing signage. With the capability of making over-sized photographs, printed banners, flags, and vehicle lettering, Business messages reach to every corner, even the most jaded passerby. It also helps in turning foot traffic into income with a well-placed or attention-grabbing NY sign, window display, or digital print. Metro Sign Communications helps greatly to create an attractive and highly effective sign for your NY business.