Sunday, February 17, 2013

Simple tips to Maximize your AdSense Revenue

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AdSense is the best way to monetize your web traffic. Millions of publishers are already getting benefited from Adsense. This Post helps publishers to maximize their AdSense earnings. It will be updated on regular basis, keep on checking regularly.

1. First Ad impression is the best one.
The first ad impression served on a page contains the most relevant and highest paying ad. So, you must make sure that this ad is displayed on the ad slot that your visitors usually click or having highest CTR. Ad slot with highest Click through Rate (CTR) will have more possibility of ad click. Thus, Publishers need to work more on turning the first ad impression into an ad click.

2. Real content makes sense.
Pages providing unique and valuable content help you in driving prospective competitors who bid more for your ad slot. More the cool stuff you write, more will be the Visitor’s base. Consequently, you will see good user experience that’s what Google really looking for. Try to build up your site with original content and never do keyword stuffing.

3. Keep track of your Reports and Target your Ad blocks.
By analyzing the visitor’s behavior, employ contextual targeting by Keywords or Categories. Better targeting for advertisers means more money for you. Don’t be aggressive about ads. Avoid placing more ad blocks in a single page. Regularly check your reports so that you can optimize your ad blocks to maintain good CTR and eCPM.

If you have any good tips, you can add to comment section.

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