Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Now Domain Promo Codes Gets Live after DDoS attack

Domain Promo Codes
DDoS - Distributed denial of service attack is an attempt to make a website or network resource unavailable to its intended users. This kind of DDoS attacks typically target popular websites or services. Sometimes it may be due to competition. The same thing was happened to Domain Promo Codes website. They have been DDoS attacks by their competitors sometimes. For this reason their website was getting down or taking much time to load. These attacks are really serious issues and cause huge loss for business websites. So we should think about prevention of DDoS attacks.

There are different ways to stop DDoS attackers. Installing Firewalls is simple method which allow or deny protocols, ports or IP addresses. It helps to block simple DDoS attacks and user launched simple flooding of requests. As firewall is lower component in network hierarchy, attacker can easily reach router, will do their task of killing your website. So firewalls are not perfect solutions. So we have to choose servers which have self capability of DDoS prevention techniques. As Domain promo Codes is huge site which provide so many coupons, they will take care of these security issues. They are now finally back and live.

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