Sunday, June 27, 2010

Google Adsense - Make Money with your Blog

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AdSense is an ad serving program launched by Google Inc in 2003. It allows webmasters and website publishers to earn money by placing Google ads on their websites or blogs. At the present time, Google AdSense became a powerful money making tool for publishers. Every time, it is impending with innovative ideas to increase revenue share. We can also say that it is becoming a brand name for monetize websites since it is paying high revenue comparing to others. For more details visit  Google AdSense  site.

Working of Adsense: Publisher need to insert the adsense JavaScript code into a website where they wish to display ads. JavaScript serves ads relevant to content on the website, when it is viewed in a web browser. Publisher will get paid when a visitor clicks advertisements or ads on targeted web page.

Requirements to apply for Google AdSense:
  • You need a website or blog (older than six months) with unique content (not copied from other internet resources) and it should have good traffic to get ad revenue from adsense.
  • You should not violate Google AdSense Program Policies.
  • You must have a bank account to receive money through cheques. 
  • Your website should not have unacceptable content .i.e. pornography, copyright protected downloads, images and content, Illegal content etc. 
If you are feeling that your blog/website is fit for adsense after reading above stuff, then go to Sign Up page and fill application form properly with required details. Adsense approval team will review your application and send report with in 7 days whether your blog approved or not. If approved, follow instruction needed for ad implementation on your page and earn money. If your webpage is blogspot then sign up directly from monetize tab in Blogger dashboard.

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