Friday, April 2, 2010

Free website visitor tracker, web stats - StatCounter

Do you ever tried to know how many people are visiting your blog, or where they come from? You can track the visitor stats using web tracker sites like Google Analytics, Site Meter, StatCounter. Web stats are useful in optimization of your blog.

There are many sites which provide stats on blogs or websites. But I use and recommend statcounter because it is simple, more informative, free service, real-time stats and easy to install. StatCounter is offering both invisible and visible trackers.

Steps to be followed to install visitor tracker:
Statcounter working process
Working of StatCounter
  1. Register an account in StatCounter.
  2. Create a Project. There you will be given one tiny HTML and Javascript code.
  3. Insert the code on your blog or website. For blogger, Go to Design, add a HTML / JavaScript gadget, and copy the StatCounter code into the gadget.  Position the gadget where you wish, like you did the other gadgets.
  4. Now you can analyze your stats.
StatCounter Visitor reports includes:
  • Date and time of visit.
  • Ip address.
  • Browser details.
  • Operating system info.
  • Screen resolution.
  • Referring link.
  • Search query details.

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